Yacht Charters Cayman


Yacht Charters Cayman islands

We have tried to ensure that all of our packages are affordable. We change our package according to your requirements and specifications.

We can assure you that we have neither hidden charges nor any hidden specifications.

Yacht Charters Cayman

We guarantee that we will only charge you the price that we quote.

Our package prices include:cayman yacht charters, girls on yacht, boat bikini, catamaran,
Charges on fuel.
Gear charges for snorkelling.
Charges to get fishing rods.
Fees for catering services.
Fees for the crew.
Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on packages and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is food catering available on all charters?

A. Catering to any yacht charter can be added at an additional fee. This fee may also be included in the total cost per person during special events.

We can also provide more sophisticated catering upon request, please contact us for different options and prices.

Q. Can we bring drinks on the boat?

A: Yes. You are allowed to bring your own beverages. For certain special events, drinks are included and exclusive bar service is also available.

Q. Can we go snorkeling or do any other water activities?

A: Yes you may go snorkeling, jet skiing, wake boarding or any other water activities you enjoy. During certain special events, other small flotation devices and water accessories are provided at no additional expense. For your convenience, our captains are very knowledgeable of the waters and the areas where you can go to do each activity.

Q. What do you mean by HALF DAY & FULL DAY?

A. Half Day means 4hrs, and Full Day means 8Hrs. Extra hours will be charged separately.

Q. How can I get a referral gift?

A. You can get a referral gift when you send a friend to us, and do a reservation for any of our boats! Gifts could be $150usd or a discount for your next rental

Q. Can we become part of the Yachts Cayman team and work as a Broker?

A. Yes. You have to fill out the contact us information requesting info on how to become part of Yachts Cayman team.

Q. im A Boat Owner and wondering if I can add my Yacht/Boat to your company for charter?

A. Yes. You have to fill out the contact us form setting up and appointment with us to come inspect your Yacht/Boat.